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Appreciate AJs insights

Yes, everything is fine. I really appreciate AJs insights during the inspection and the thoroughness of the report. Thank you!

Arcelie December 31, 2018

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Piece of mind


Thank you so much on this. It was the best 1000 I ever spent for the piece of mind we now have in regards to the condition of our new home.

Best regards

Barry December 31, 2018

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Admirably thorough and unhurried

Hi Steve,

Thanks for checking in. We were very pleased with Barry's careful inspection. He was admirably thorough and unhurried, despite the relatively awkward situation of having the listing agent present, along with myself and our agent. He didn't skip over a single bit of the house, and provided honest, helpful feedback and advice throughout.

The report is already proving useful to us as we try to close the sale. If we do get to move into the house, it will be our laundry list for our first couple of years of weekend projects!

Thanks very much,

Gabriel December 31, 2018

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A complete professional

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your follow-up. AJ's report was very thorough and he was a complete professional. I don't currently have any questions, but I will let you know if a question about anything in the report. Thanks again.

Kate December 31, 2018

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Thank you both for the great customer service!

Good morning,
I want to thank you both for the great customer service! I really appreciate the prompt response to my requests.

Maggie December 31, 2018

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You found many safety concerns

Thanks for following up. We may have some questions soon, but right now we’re disappointed that several issues you found were represented as being handled. The seller made a statement that the knob and tube had been disconnected and the electrical was up to code... they made statements that the garage and barn had been rebuilt, and stated that the fireplaces operate well. You found many safety concerns that we feel shouldn’t exist if their statements were true...We may have questions later, but we’re focused on the above for now.

John M. December 31, 2018

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It is so thorough

Thanks for your email. I am very happy with the inspection. I let Barry know that my main goal was to get a sense of what my job will be in maintaining an older home and setting priorities moving forward. It accomplished just that. Barry was very clear and willing and able to answer all my questions, and it was a relief to know that all that information would be included in the report as well. I really appreciated his willingness to explain the basic systems I was not familiar with, so I could understand the reasons behind the recommendations, and it was good to have him point out the places where certain maintenance and improvement jobs are needed--I have a good visual memory, and it helps to have that as well as the report, which of course contains all the same information.

I do intend to use the report for planning purposes. It is so thorough, and I learn something new every time I look through it. Covered Bridges was highly recommended by a friend who used your services a little over a year ago, and I am so glad I asked her for a recommendation. I had located your website online and was going to choose it anyway, but it did help to have that personal recommendation as well, and you can be sure that I will do the same when I know people looking for inspection services in the area.

Thanks very much, and best wishes,

Sylvia December 31, 2018

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Helpful maintenance tips

Steve was great. Very thorough and provided a ton of helpful maintenance tips. The inspection report was extensive! It's something I'll refer back to for years. Thank you Steve!

Scott Morin December 22, 2015

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Steve is the best!

Steve is the best! I can't imagine using anyone else. He is extremely thorough and patient with first time home buyers. We learned so much during our home inspection process. Steve is honest, straightforward, and helpful. His report was sent to us very quickly and came with links to other resources. Thank you Steve!

Cathy Hirce December 22, 2015

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Very friendly and easy to work with. Extremely professional as well as willing to talk to me like a person, not just a client. Did not mind that I followed him around and answered all of my questions along the way during the process. I would highly recommend to anyone. FIVE STARS!!!!

Jonah Gosnell December 22, 2015