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Thank you, 2 thumbs up

I agree with Diane U I was very impressed with the thoroughness of our inspector .He was willing to get dirty to access every area of the house ie crawl through a hole just big enough for him, to get into the crawl space that was right out of Texas chainsaw massacre and very pleasant while doing it.
Our inspector was knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing,why and then what would need to be done.
Very helpful friendly and professional.
thank you 2 thumbs up

Gerry December 22, 2015

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Great people delivering a great service

I highly recommend them for all the same reasons as the folks above - they are prompt, professional, courteous, thorough, accommodating, responsive, and well-informed. Great people delivering a great service, who could ask for more! Two thumbs up!!

Diane U December 22, 2015

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Such customer service is rare and appreciated.

Wow! I would suggest Covered Bridge services even if you're not buying a home. The information Steve provides could save a homeowner thousands of dollars over time. This was the most comprehensive home inspection we have ever received and we have had them done in several states. We live in Texas and couldn't be there for the inspection but Steve was so thorough we felt as if we were. Covered Bride was very flexible about scheduling a conference call to go over our report with us and it was imminently obvious Steve's mission was for us to understand every aspect. I know we will refer to this report for years to come. Thanks Covered Bridge! Such customer service is rare and appreciated.

Yvette Palmer December 22, 2015

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49 page report with all kinds of references and links

I want to thank Steve for the thorough and professional job he did when inspecting a house I'm buying. I got a detailed 49 page report with all kinds of references and links for additional information. I was pleased to be able to give it to the sellers so they could see what needed to be done and why. Great pictures throughout. I couldn't be present but a friend who is a civil engineer was. Afterward he told me he would be recommending Steve to anyone he knew needing a home inspection. I feel the same way. Thanks for a job well done.

Ray December 22, 2015

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Great experience overall

Great experience overall. Very thorough and Steve provided us with good recommendations. The report was good overall and we are looking forward to an amazing ski season in our new home!

Nick December 22, 2015

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Hands down, this was the best service

Hands down, this was the best service I have received from any company in 53 years !!! Initially we went with a different company but were not impressed by their inspection. So we called Covered Bridge in to do the inspection properly. I was literally blown away by the difference. Covered Bridge identified over $16,000 worth of major problems that needed to be fixed - all of which were missed by the other inspection company. They also provided me with an extremely detailed report describing through detailed verbiage and pictures every aspect of the home. They also provided a great many very helpful recommendations for smaller optional things I should improve once I am in the home to extend the life of my home and avoid costly repairs down the road. Then the icing on the cake was when the inspector spent TWO FULL HOURS on the phone with me going over the report in great detail, and providing a wealth of additional knowledge and recommendations. I am literally stunned and totally blown away by the extremely high quality and depth of service from this company - I have never experience anything like this before. Use these guys - they are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Barry December 22, 2015

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Met and exceeded my expectations

The inspection done by Steve Dukette of Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspections, LLC suited my need and level of understanding perfectly. Mr. Dukette took about three hours and provided me with a detailed 56-page report containing 127 annotated pictures. Throughout the inspection Mr. Dukette explained his findings and answered all my questions appropriately and as completely as possible given what he could see and what he could not. Two very useful unexpected benefits: 1) In the PDF copy there were numerous links to a variety of online sites should I wish further information on almost any issue raised by the inspection. 2) A free one-year subscription to Homeowner’s Network, an invaluable resource for numerous issues related to owning your own house. ($199 value). The report was thorough, comprehensive and most professional. Mr. Dukette was very specific in writing about what a non-invasive property inspection could discover and what it could not (e.g. septic, land, more than visual inspection for mold, asbestos, etc.) It was recommended (by the realtor and the inspector) that I consider adding a radon test for an additional $150, which I did. This proved quite valuable as the test came in at 6.6. The EPA recommends mitigation if over 4 and I promptly got a quote from a licensed and certified radon mitigation vendor of $1700 to get it under 2. After smoking Radon is #2 cause of lung cancer according to EPA.

I am adding a comment on Mr. Dukette’s professionalism since that has always been what makes me, as a retired physician, feel comfortable or uncomfortable with a vendor. My definition of professionalism is premised on having the expertise to do the right thing in the right way at the right time. Professionals demonstrate a qualified skill-set and knowledge base, exhibit an enthusiasm for doing the best job possible, and in this case, are locally reputable. Professionals are polite and are able to create an atmosphere that gives the client a sense of the professional responsibility to “partner” in a complete and thorough discussion of the work. Mr. Dukette fully met and exceeded my expectations. In this case I was able to feel most comfortable making an offer and purchasing the property.

Robert December 22, 2015

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I learned so much from you

Thank you Steve for doing such a thorough job inspecting my new home. I learned so much from you and it was very helpful, and put my mind at ease.

Michelle December 22, 2015

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Great that you sent reminder emails

Thank you Steve for doing such a thorough and excellent job inspecting our new home. We are impressed by your professionalism, attention to detail and follow up. Also it was great that you sent reminder emails; very helpful with all there is to do right now! Your quality customer service is very much appreciated.

Andrea K December 22, 2015

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Steve put my mind at ease

There isn't much more I can say, than what others have already said. Steve and Sue were very quick to respond to any and all questions. They fit us in very quickly, and we had our very detailed inspection report in 48 hours. As a first time home buyer, I was very overwhelmed at the start of the process. Steve put my mind at ease. I would recommend CBHI to anyone.

Julie T December 22, 2015