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Steve is the best!

Steve is the best! I can't imagine using anyone else. He is extremely thorough and patient with first time home buyers. We learned so much during our home inspection process. Steve is honest, straightforward, and helpful. His report was sent to us very quickly and came with links to other resources. Thank you Steve!

Cathy Hirce December 22, 2015

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Very friendly and easy to work with. Extremely professional as well as willing to talk to me like a person, not just a client. Did not mind that I followed him around and answered all of my questions along the way during the process. I would highly recommend to anyone. FIVE STARS!!!!

Jonah Gosnell December 22, 2015

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Nothing stopped him crawling and climbing into tight spaces

We appreciated the professionalism and expertise Steve offered during the house inspection. It was a frigid day in Johnson and yet nothing stopped him crawling and climbing into tight spaces. The final report was comprehensive and informative. Well done Steve! We will certainly recommend your company.

Michelle B. December 22, 2015

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A great resource for home inspections

Covered Bridge, in particular Steve Dukette, is a great resource for home inspections. My wife and I were very impressed by how professional and thorough our inspection was. We feel that we got not only a great value, but we now feel very comfortable with the home we are purchasing. The report itself was very detailed with pictures, hyperlinks, and descriptions of various issues found. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone looking for a quality home inspection.

John December 22, 2015

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Thorough and the report was the best I’ve seen

My wife and I have purchased 8 houses over the last 14 years, some to live in others to rent. Covered Bridge inspected our VT vacation and rental home during late winter / early spring 2014. Although we weren't there for the inspection, I can attest that it was done thoroughly and the report was the best I've seen in format and content.

Ian F. December 22, 2015

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Pleasure to work with

Steve Dukette was a pleasure to work with! He was thorough, prompt, professional, courteous, well-informed,accommodation and fun!!
I would highly recommend the services of COVERED BRIDGE PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTIONS with no reservation.

Isla December 22, 2015

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Contrast between their work and a former inspector’s was huge

I've been totally impressed by Covered Bridges. The contrast between their work and a former inspector's was huge. Sue is well organized, competent, efficient and friendly while taking information and scheduling an appointment. Steve is equally professional. He takes his time looking at a home from top to bottom, and inside and outside, while along the way giving out tidbits of information and recommendations without being pushy or authoritative. He is very thorough and has a way of explaining things in such a way that a layman can understand. He's also good about evaluating what issues need immediate attention and what not to get too worried about.

The reports are fantastic – the house’s components are broken down and briefly analyzed – what is in good shape and what needs to be addressed. Along the way there are hyperlinks to reputable web sites where you can obtain more in-depth information.

I’ve hired Covered Bridges twice and I highly recommend them to anyone buying a home.

SAQ December 22, 2015

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Thank you, 2 thumbs up

I agree with Diane U I was very impressed with the thoroughness of our inspector .He was willing to get dirty to access every area of the house ie crawl through a hole just big enough for him, to get into the crawl space that was right out of Texas chainsaw massacre and very pleasant while doing it.
Our inspector was knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing,why and then what would need to be done.
Very helpful friendly and professional.
thank you 2 thumbs up

Gerry December 22, 2015

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Great people delivering a great service

I highly recommend them for all the same reasons as the folks above - they are prompt, professional, courteous, thorough, accommodating, responsive, and well-informed. Great people delivering a great service, who could ask for more! Two thumbs up!!

Diane U December 22, 2015

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Such customer service is rare and appreciated.

Wow! I would suggest Covered Bridge services even if you're not buying a home. The information Steve provides could save a homeowner thousands of dollars over time. This was the most comprehensive home inspection we have ever received and we have had them done in several states. We live in Texas and couldn't be there for the inspection but Steve was so thorough we felt as if we were. Covered Bride was very flexible about scheduling a conference call to go over our report with us and it was imminently obvious Steve's mission was for us to understand every aspect. I know we will refer to this report for years to come. Thanks Covered Bridge! Such customer service is rare and appreciated.

Yvette Palmer December 22, 2015