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When shopping Home Inspectors it is very important to see a sample report, it is probably the most telling feature of how that company conducts it's business. Many inspection companies have not made the leap from pre-made carbon copy check list report, in our opinion they are outdated, archaic and do not serve the clients best interest. Please request a sample report and we will send you a link right away, by emailing us.

Our Data Collection/Reporting System

A Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspection is comprehensive, unbiased analysis of the condition of the home's major components, systems and construction by a certified, experienced professional inspector. Typically the comprehensive inspection takes 2-3 hours and up to 5 hours, dependent on clients concerns and the size, age, of the home.

The report is very detailed and specific to the home being inspected. If it doesn't have a garage it won't have blank pages stating “Not Applicable”. The report is carefully formulated by the benefit of data collection, reflection time and review of photos back in the office. It is not a delivered on site check sheet report.

We provide an internet based reporting system that is sent to the client by hyperlink. Other hyperlinks are included in the report providing more information about items noted during the inspection. No special computer or software needed. Reports are sent out generally within 24-48 hours. Hard copies are available upon request.

40-80+- Digital photos are included with every report.

We supply a report summary highlighting the more significant issues.

We help our buyers to become familiar with their new home, educating them about the type of construction, maintenance and operation of the various components.

The report provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The report becomes a blue print of current needs and how to maintain the home in the future, should it be purchased.

**NEW FEATURE FOR 2019 is the Inspection Response feature which lets real estate agents and home buyers specify actions for each concern in your reports (e.g. Repair, Replace, Reduce sales price), and produce a PDF addendum to their inspection response form. This allow quick and easy responses with digital pictures and text explaining the issues.


All reports are carefully crafted, reviewing all photos taken.