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“Do inspectors have to be licensed in VT & NH?”

Yes - NH Licensing requirements started in 2009, we applaud all that made it possible. National testing, continuing education, errors & ommissions insurance, criminal backround checks, were some of the requirements. Some grandfathering clauses where used, our inspectors had all requirements needed well before NH enacted licencing. Our licencing was acquired my merit, not grandfathering. Our reports meets or exceeds New Hampshire's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Yes - VT Licensing started July 8, 2015. We met all requirements prior to licensing. Our reports meets or exceeds Vermont's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

“When can I see your Inspection Agreement?”

All inspection agreements are emailed to the client well in advance of the scheduled home / building inspection. This will allow for proper review time without diress, so we are not presenting a new document at the inspection for the first time and asking you to sign it. This never appeared correct for us, so we changed our policy many years ago.


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