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Excellent communication and service from inspector AJ

Excellent communication and service. Called to schedule a last minute inspection and they were able to work with my condensed timeline. Very professional and quick turn around on the inspection report. Would definitely use Covered Bridge again the next time I need a home inspection!

Dave Douchkoff October 6, 2021

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Steve’s inspection for Seller a benefit

Inspector: Steve Dukette

Rating Scale of 1-5 (5 being best)

Our response time to your inspection request: 5
The thoroughness of our inspection process: 5
Explanation of issues found: 5
The expertise of inspector: 5
Your questions were answered sufficiently: 5
The attitude of inspector: 5
Readability of inspection report: 4
Likeliness to refer us to others: 5

It helped us determine what still needed to be done to make our home a safe place for the next family. Grateful for the thoroughness.

Emil & Michel September 16, 2021

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I highly recommend Covered Bridge

I highly recommend Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspections. Our inspector (Steve Dukette) was experienced and knowledgeable, and our written report was thorough and completed very quickly. Just as important, the inspection team has efficient and friendly office support; this made it easy when we needed to change the time of our inspection as well as for follow-up questions. It has been a pleasure working with this company!

Amy S. August 23, 2021

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Chicky shines again!

(Scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best)

Our response time to your inspection request:  5

The thoroughness of our inspection process:  5

Explanation of issues found:  5

The expertise of inspector:  5

Your questions were answered sufficiently:  5

The attitude of inspector:  5

Readability of inspection report:  3

Likeliness to refer us to others:  5

Chicky did an extraordinary job, and we are so pleased.  Actually, we couldn't believe how far and away superb Covered Bridge is than others we've experienced!  My absolute highest recommendation.

Laura August 6, 2021

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Another very happy home buyer!

I have received the inspection report, thank you so much! AJ was great, he answered all my questions to the best of his knowledge while maintaining the boundaries of the scope of the inspection. The inspection was very thorough and I felt like I had made a good choice in choosing Covered Bridge.

Anastasia June 8, 2021

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Home Inspector AJ shines again in client review

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being best)

Our response time to your inspection request:  5

Thoroughness of our inspection process:  5

Explanation of issues found:  5

Expertise of inspector:  5

Your questions answered sufficiently:  5

Attitude of inspector:  5

Readability of inspection report:  5

Likeliness to refer us to others:  5

Client comments:  I was very impressed with AJ's professionalism and thoroughness. Thanks very much for a clear report.

Brent June 1, 2021

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An incredibly detailed report

Last week "Chicky" helped us with a home inspection of a 100+ year-old house. It's been twenty years since we've had a home inspection, and this was much more thorough and professional than we expected. Starting in the kitchen, he goes through every appliance, outlet, nook and cranny. He took tons of photos including detailed rooftop photos, and he crawled further under decks and into the attic than I would have expected. I shadowed him for 3+ hours, and it was enjoyable hearing his thoughts, ideas and questions as we went through the house. A day or two after the inspection, we then received an incredibly detailed report that includes photos, recommendations and items that he researched after the inspection such as the age of the two boilers. This report will be a playbook over the next year or longer as we fix and maintain a few things and if we consider remodeling. Thanks, Chicky!

Doran Donovan May 26, 2021

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A trusting client

When it comes to professional service and peace of mind, there is no one else I trust or would rather use. This crew is top-notch! Throughout our house buying experience, we used Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspections in two houses. We were brought through every nook and cranny in each house and told. The thoroughness and attention to detail are astounding. During the process, they were extremely patient in answering our many questions and helped us understand. When we received the final report for the first house of interest, we were equipped with the information we needed to make the best decision for our family. Ultimately, without hesitation, I can say they saved us tens of thousands of dollars in immediate repairs we would have had if we chose to purchase this home. Without a doubt we feel confident purchasing the home we are in because of our Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspection.

K.D. May 21, 2021

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Thorough home inspection by AJ

We received the report and ultimately decided not to purchase that home based on the findings. You guys were absolutely helpful, professional, and friendly. The inspection was thorough and helped us to make an informed decision.

Thankfully, we have found another home and have you all scheduled to come to inspect that property next week.  We truly appreciate your help and look forward to another positive experience.

Matt May 20, 2021

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Very happy repeat client

Covered Bridge is pleased to share comments from a repeat client.  Three home inspections over the past 5 years (Home Inspectors Barry and Chicky):

"The inspection was good. We like to have as much information as possible about any property we buy, this is our 3rd inspection with you guys and we’ve been very happy.

Neal May 20, 2021

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