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Highly recommend CBPHI

Thank you very much for the follow up. I enjoyed the inspection process and learned a lot by listening and following you around. This is my first time purchasing a home but knew the importance of having a home inspection. The present owner has agreed to fix the foundation under the bay window, fix brick foundation on the street side, insulate and add heat to the crawl space under the bathroom and install a new furnace. I may not have obtained these (free) items without the inspection, thank you so much. I will highly recommend CBPHI in the future.

Thank you

Katherine B. December 31, 2018

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Excellent customer service

Thank you and thank AJ for the excellent customer service. I will go online and review your business when I am back home this evening.


The Arnolds December 31, 2018

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Inspection was awesome

Yes the inspection was awesome. I gave a list of repairs to the current owners and they have agreed to fix them. I am good to go.

Thank You Very Much,

Rob W. December 31, 2018

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Thorough job


It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and I thank you for such a thorough job.

Bob C. December 31, 2018

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We walked away


Thank you for your email. My husband and I were happy to receive the information. My husband has a lot of experience in engineering and construction, and your report helped us make an informed decision: we walked away.

My husband works out of the country and our goal is to purchase a place in Vt and make improvements and relocate over a period of years. We are very adventurous and have owned some non-traditional places in TX & VT but the property must be structurally sound when we begin.

It seems it will be several months before my husband can visit VT. When we have 2-3 places in mind, I usually fly up and visit the properties. I’m a school librarian so I am looking at location and “obvious” problems. Depending upon what happens, I may be giving you a call in the near future.

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your eye for detail and your thoroughness.

Patty H. December 31, 2018

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Your reports are super detailed

Hi Sue and Steve.

I’ve been traveling a bit and haven’t had a chance to thank you for a really great experience. Your reports are super detailed, and having a chance to go through the house with Steve was a huge help for us to prioritize improvements.

Thanks to you, we know we’ll have a great and healthy house for many years to come.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Brian December 31, 2018

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Best home inspector I’ve ever worked with

Hi Steve,

Thanks for following up. Your report was fabulous! You were very thorough, and it was so helpful to have all of the recommendations categorized so efficiently. The photos were very helpful. I found it easy to determine the high priority--immediate action things, and then to have the other things be an ongoing maintenance list for myself. You're the best home inspector I've ever worked with.

Thanks very much!

Candace December 31, 2018

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Great idea to link website solutions to your findings

Thanks Steve. Nice job. I appreciate your thoroughness. Great idea to link website solutions to your findings. I may have some followup questions next week if you have time to chat. I will definitely refer your company to others.


Chris December 31, 2018

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Appreciate the suggestions for maintaining our home

Hi Steve,

Just went through the inspection report more thoroughly now. Looks great. I appreciate the comments and suggestions for improving/maintaining our home. I have that extra confidence everyone looks for when making a home purchase....especially first time home purchase. Thanks again for your work!

Mike and Jill December 31, 2018

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Building contractor impressed


My name is Paul C. I am a building contractor in the Barton area. I recommended you to do a home inspection for Mark C. I was very impressed with how thorough and professional your inspection was. Mark was also very pleased. Having a third party evaluate the problems of a home gives the owner confidence that a contractor is not trying to sell something they don't need or trying to point out problems that do not exist. I will be more than happy to continue recommending you to my customers.

Thank you,

Paul C. December 31, 2018