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Excellent as always

Thanks Steve for the report which was excellent as always. It was great to finally meet you in person. The book that you gave us is going to be very valuable in helping us maintain our home. Sue has already been reading through it. Thanks again, Regards,

Tim S., Magnolia, TX December 17, 2015

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Right on the money

Steve, ALL of the professionals contacted agreed with your assessments. The contractor who is actually going to do the work said you were right on the money. In fact, all the issues we asked him to take a look at he agreed with your report. Thank you for your thoroughness etc.

Denise,  VT   December 17, 2015

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Identify problems large or small

While we were, of course, interested in any major problems with the property in NH, our primary concern was to identify problems large or small for correction post-sale. For that reason, we wanted a very detailed inspection and were pleased with the level of attention you provided. We thought it was very thorough and professional and would not hesitate to recommend you to others should the opportunity arise.  Thank you,

Bob   NH December 17, 2015

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Felt confident from being with you

Thanks once again for your incredibly detailed and excellent work. We've been so so so busy since the closing, getting moved here - getting the kids in school, etc., that I haven't even really been online. Michael hasn't had a chance to thoroughly read your report yet - so I don't know if we have any questions. Michael felt confident from being with you the whole inspection that he knew where you were going - and that you hadn't red-flagged anything huge for us to halt the purchase because of...so we felt confident going forward - we did have them come out and put some oil in the tank (as you recommended) so we could fire up the heating system before the closing. Nice to see you again, and thanks so much for fitting us in for the 2nd inspection on such short notice. we'd recommend you highly to anyone! Thanks again!

Amy n. CT December 17, 2015

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I was very happy and impressed

Just actually sat down to review everything tonight. I was very happy and impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection. I printed it out, and am going to review it in total this weekend. I do plan to go ahead with the purchase of this property, and plan to keep the inspection information as a guideline as to what I need to do in the future, i.e. picking away at it as I can afford to and getting those things that need immediate attention taken care of ASAP. I will definitely be in touch as I have questions as I go along. This is not a new home, and I expected some things to need attention, it's good to know where to start. To me, with my background in selling vehicles, it is like a used vehicle purchase, it's not going to be perfect. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't purchasing something that was really going to be a major problem within a few months. Thank you so much for all your help, and the quick response.

Carol P.  NH December 17, 2015

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Exceptional work

Exceptional work with the inspection. I really appreciate the thorough assessment. Again, very nice work.

Rick  MA December 17, 2015

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Purchasing a place is always a bit overwhelming

We are very happy with your inspection and report.
Purchasing a place is always a bit overwhelming. your report revealed a number of issues we'll be addressing.Thank you again for your fine work. All the best,

Ed H. Warren, VT December 17, 2015

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Thank you for the follow up

Thank you for the follow up. We just went thru the report rapidly as we are planning to read it thoroughly this [long] week end. We find the report very beneficial, there are things pointed out thru the inspection that we never noticed.... We are very satisfied with the process, you were accommodating in setting up a date on a short notice, you were thorough in your inspection, you promptly delivered the report, we are definitely happy with you and your Company Again, thank you so very much!

Anne December 17, 2015

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Impressed with your depth of knowledge

I was very impressed with your depth of knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism, yet personality.  Not always an easy task to accomplish all of these feats, at once!

Peg V. NH December 17, 2015

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Your report by far is the best I’ve seen anywhere

I’ve been involved in many investment homes across the country, your report by far is the best I’ve seen anywhere. We will certainly use you again with our next property.

James B VT December 17, 2015