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Barry’s Testimonial

Testimonial from one of Barry’s clients –

As a first time home buyer and solo parent, the inspection of my 1915 house was extremely important in the home buying process. Berry arrived early to look over the exterior, and was fastidious in his inspection, verbal explanations, photographing and written report. He answered my questions thoroughly and respectfully and helped me to learn a great deal about my new home and it’s care in the course of an afternoon. He called to thoroughly explain his report shortly after sending it, and made me feel very confident in his expertise. I am very happy to have hired through Covered Bridge Inspections and would recommend this company, and Berry, to a friend without hesitation.


Thank you Barry for being a caring professional.

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Thank you, a pleasure meeting & working with you. I had a group of friends for a little farewell party the other night & they wanted to see the pix of the house - and except for your report, I have none - one woman yelled out that she wished you had done her home inspection – everyone was so impressed! Take care!  Fondly,

Amy,  MA December 17, 2015

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Last week "Chicky" helped us with a home inspection of a 100+ year-old house. It's been twenty years since we've had a home inspection, and this was much more thorough and professional than we expected. Starting in the kitchen, he goes through every appliance, outlet, nook and cranny. He took tons of photos including detailed rooftop photos, and he crawled further under decks and into the attic than I would have expected. I shadowed him for 3+ hours, and it was enjoyable hearing his thoughts, ideas and questions as we went through the house. A day or two after the inspection, we then received an incredibly detailed report that includes photos, recommendations and items that he researched after the inspection such as the age of the two boilers. This report will be a playbook over the next year or longer as we fix and maintain a few things and if we consider remodeling. Thanks, Chicky!

Doran Donovan May 26, 2021

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If you are looking for home inspection company with exceptional service and utmost professional courtesy and knowledge, I highly recommend Covered Bridge Inspections. They excelled at all phases of service delivery. Visiting from out-of-state, we called them for a home inspection for a house we were considering buying on Christmas Eve and they fit us in and were at the property at 11 am the day after Christmas. Steve, our inspector, was waiting for me in the driveway when I pulled in at 10:45 am. While we waited for our agent to open the house, Steve gave me an overview of the steps he would be taking during the 3 plus hour inspection. He was more than thorough … taking time during every part of the inspection process to show me what he was looking for and the possible fixes if a repair was required or suggested.

Steve inspected every nook and cranny … nothing was too high or too small or too tight to check out. The follow-up report was also excellent in its findings and recommendations. If you want to insure that dream house is not in fact a house of unseen horrors, Steve and his team at Covered Bridge expertly know how to peel back the layers of the onion to discover what really lies inside. Reasonably priced, it was by far the best money I have ever spent on a real estate service.

John P December 22, 2015

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Thank you for the thorough and comprehensive report, we are very satisfied with your findings and appreciate you're being so meticulous. The detailed report more than met our expectations and is very helpful to us in going forward with the sale and the maintenance needs of the house. Thanks for being available for any questions that might arise.

Thanks, Lauriana December 17, 2015

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Thanks for the inspections. You were very thorough. At this time, we have no questions.

Judith December 31, 2018