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Barry’s Testimonial

Testimonial from one of Barry’s clients –

As a first time home buyer and solo parent, the inspection of my 1915 house was extremely important in the home buying process. Berry arrived early to look over the exterior, and was fastidious in his inspection, verbal explanations, photographing and written report. He answered my questions thoroughly and respectfully and helped me to learn a great deal about my new home and it’s care in the course of an afternoon. He called to thoroughly explain his report shortly after sending it, and made me feel very confident in his expertise. I am very happy to have hired through Covered Bridge Inspections and would recommend this company, and Berry, to a friend without hesitation.


Thank you Barry for being a caring professional.

This is our seventh home and we have never experienced such a detailed house inspection and comprehensive, easy to read report. Continuous and timely follow-up by Steve facilitated the process and answered our many questions. We couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome.

Thank you


As far as I can tell, Steve and Sue did everything right -- responsiveness, customer service, thoroughness, balanced perspective on the importance of various issues, excellent communication of results, patience in answering our questions. It was altogether an exceptional experience.

Tom Breuer

The report is very detailed as you stated. I was definitely happy with the inspection process as you were excellent to work with and the quality of the work you produced was highly professional. Thank you again.

Jason F. MA  

Hands down, this was the best service I have received from any company in 53 years !!! Initially we went with a different company but were not impressed by their inspection. So we called Covered Bridge in to do the inspection properly. I was literally blown away by the difference. Covered Bridge identified over $16,000 worth of major problems that needed to be fixed - all of which were missed by the other inspection company. They also provided me with an extremely detailed report describing through detailed verbiage and pictures every aspect of the home. They also provided a great many very helpful recommendations for smaller optional things I should improve once I am in the home to extend the life of my home and avoid costly repairs down the road. Then the icing on the cake was when the inspector spent TWO FULL HOURS on the phone with me going over the report in great detail, and providing a wealth of additional knowledge and recommendations. I am literally stunned and totally blown away by the extremely high quality and depth of service from this company - I have never experience anything like this before. Use these guys - they are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Barry

I thought your report was very thorough (detailed photos were a plus) and I would recommend you to anyone who needed a home inspection! Additionally as we were going through the house you were willing to answer all the questions I had. Thank you very much!

Julie H., NH